A Glass of Coral Sand


The rosy-pink sand in this gold-framed hourglass only ever falls one way.

Whenever the glass is tipped up and the sand falls it sings, a mournful song in a strange, bubbling soprano. As the song plays, the minds of anyone listening are filled with visions: A pale reef under a black sky. A woman silhouetted against the stars.

As the song plays, rain falls—a steady, drenching rain. An inch of rain falls in a 100-ft. radius centered on the glass every minute. If impeded by walls, ceilings, and other barriers, the same volume will fall within the contained space (4,500,000 cubic inches).

Any water-breathing creature or any creature native to the Elemental Plane of Water who hears the song must make a save vs. madness or become Charmed by whomever holds the hourglass for as long as the song plays.

Minutes of Sand Remaining: 4

A Glass of Coral Sand

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