Ada's Chainmail of War

A suit of plain, well-used chain armor, with plate pauldrons and greaves for added protection.


This is chain hauberk and leggings of a type typical to that worn by the crusaders of Tempus. It is plain, unadorned, and battle-worn. Plate pauldrons have been added at the shoulders, and greaves at the shins for added protection, and the whole has been magically reinforced by Tempus’s Battlesmiths. Ada’s suit was specially enchanted for her by the Holy General of Tempus’s temple in Urmlaspyr, who was a surrogate father for her and imbued her armor with powerful healing magics. The armor was later reforged in a Forge of Repentance to incorporate the enchantments of a magical suit of orcish mail, gaining powerful protections against spells cast by priests of Iyachtu Xvim. The armor radiates a faint aura of abjuration magic and a faint aura of good.

The armor functions in all ways as a suit of Chainmail armor for the purposes of weight, thief skills, and who may use it, but grants protection equivalent to a suit of plate armor (+7 AC).

This suit can cast the following spells, each once per day, on the wearer only: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds. The spells can be called upon near-instantaneously, having a casting time of 1, but must be used in ascending order (i.e. the first heal granted in a day is always a cure light wounds).

Anyone wearing the armor automatically succeeds on any saving throw against spells that are unique to Xvim’s priesthood inlcuding: Battletide, Blackhand, Bloodgloat, Bonechain, Chain Madness, Clawcloud, Control Death Tyrant, Create Baneguard, Create Death Tyrant, Create Thassaloss, Death Symbol of Bane, Death Touch, Hurl Thunderbolt, Incarnation of Evil, Lifebane, Mace of Xvim, Moonveil, Mystic Lash, Reaving Blades, Right of Might, Screaming Skull, Spirit Annihilation, Spiritual Corruption, Spittle, Stone Curse, Stone Walk, Summon Varrangoin, The Doom of Bane, Turnbane, Tyranny, Undeath After Death, Vampiric Mist, and Venomed Claws.

Ada's Chainmail of War

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