Aegir's Club

A long-handled wooden club, covered with iron studs.

weapon (melee)

On a dare from a fellow dwarf when visiting the city of Glister in Thar, Olaf stole this magical club from the home of Aegir, one of the Kur-Tharsu (Ogre Magi) living in the city. This was the first serious test of his skills as a treasure hunter, made all the worse by the oppressive size of the Ogre’s home. Barely able to move from his fear of the wide-open hallways and the feeling of exposure, Olaf still managed to slowly make his way to the ogre’s bedside in the night and abscond with the weapon. Olaf was sure that he was not seen, but the occasional appearance of ogre thugs and assassins makes it clear that Aegir has some way to trace the club, and the poor dwarf who now owns it. Luckily, the club’s ability to knockout opponents has helped Olaf stay ahead of such pursuit so far, and helped him in a great many other sticky situations.

Aegir’s club functions as a normal, non-magical club, granting no bonuses on attack, damage, or speed, and providing no ability to hit creature’s that are invulnerable to normal weapons. However, anyone hit by the ogre-magi’s club must immediately save vs. death magic or fall unconscious for 1d10 hours.

Aegir's Club

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