Alchemy Jug


This ancient-looking, red-glazed, terracotta amphora stands fully 40 inches tall, is a foot in diameter, and weighs 12 pounds (when empty). It has a handle on either side near the top, while the bottom tapers to a very narrow base, making it quite tippy if set down, but more easily carried by two people, or tipped and poured by grabbing the base. It has a single opening at the top, three inches in diameter, with a recessed rim and cork stopper. It radiates a very strong aura of Transmutation magic.

Under normal circumstances the jug appears empty, though it can hold just over 10 gallons (40 liters) of liquid if so desired.

When empty, this magical device can pour forth various liquids upon command. To activate the jug, one must speak the command word, “mirúva” and announce what type of liquid is desired, then tip and hold the jug for the duration of the pour (which can be no longer than 10 minutes). Depending on the liquid chosen, a pouring may come out as a gush or as the faintest trickle. Once the jug is returned to an upright position the “pouring” is ended (even if full duration was not reached) and it will appear empty again.

The types of liquids and the rate at which they are produced is as follows:
Liquid Pour Rate
Salt water 2 gallons per minute
Fresh water 1 gallon per minute
Beer ½ gallon per minute
Vinegar 1 quart per minute
Wine 1 pint per minute
Ammonia ½ cup per minute
Oil, Olive ½ cup per minute
Aqua Regia 1 oz. per minute
Alcohol ½ oz per minute
Chlorine 1 dram (⅛ oz) per minute
Cyanide ½ dram per minute

In any given day, the jug can produce up to 7 pours (thus the jug could produce a maximum of 140 gallons of salt water per day), which need not be the same liquid. The liquid poured is always pure, with no risk of contamination from other substances that may have been stored in, or poured from, the jug previously.

Weight: 12 lbs. (empty) or 95 lbs (full)

Alchemy Jug

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