Alicorn Arrows

weapon (ranged)

This long, cloth-yard shafted arrow is tipped with a chunk of severed unicorn horn. A total of five of these arrows were gifted to the Rough Pack by the Three Towers Tribe of lizardmen in the Twilight Swamp for services rendered. It is unknown where the tribe acquired these arrows as they were basically being treated as trash…

When fired, an Alicorn Arrow strikes with the force of a charging equine. The arrow deals a base 2d8 points of damage on a hit (modified by Strength, Specialization, etc. as appropriate) and requires the target to make a Muscle check or be knocked backwards a number of feet equal to the damage dealt. The arrows count as +2 magic weapons and as Holy for determining what creatures can be harmed by them.

Because of the length of the shaft, an Alicorn Arrow can only be properly fired from a Longbow.

Despite these arrows’ usefulness as a weapon against evil, cutting off a unicorn’s horn is a detestable act. The wielder of these arrows suffers a -2 penalty on NPC reaction rolls against any Good-aligned or nature-loving creature that sees his choice of ammunition.

Arrows Remaining: 5

Alicorn Arrows

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