Aram's Light

weapon (melee)

This knife was found during Father Aram’s first venture into a Nogese crypt in the woods outside of Hillsfar, some thirty years prior to the appearance of The Blessed Afflictor. The knife has an ornate handle of twisted and pearled silver, with a pair of inch-diameter cobalt-glass orbs set into the guard. It has an unusually thick six-inch long, double-edged blade, with a lenticular cross-section. Both the blade and the orbs in the guard, glows with a pleasant, cool-blue light at all times. Despite this glow, the knife does not radiate magic.

The blade is much too thick to hold a decent edge, and the large, decorative orbs set into the guard unbalance it for throwing or thrusting. As such the knife suffers a -1 penalty to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and weapon speed.

The glowing blade is much dimmer than many other sources of magical light, shedding bright light to a distance of only 5 feet, and dim light to a distance of 10 feet beyond that. However, this light cannot be doused by any magical or mundane means. Even if carried into an area of Continual Darkness or an Anti-Magic Sphere, the blade will continue to give off its light (though it will not penetrate physical barriers).

Aram's Light

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