Bo's Armor of Coolness

An unbelievably cool suit of padded armor.


This dark-colored suit of armor could pass for a winter vest—being made of several layers of dark, heavy, quilted fabric—yet is extremely cool to wear, even in the most blistering desert heat.

The armor is light and easy to move in, weighing only 10 pounds and providing only minor hindrance to a wearer’s thief abilities (see below). Adjustable straps allow it to fit anyone with a roughly human-sized torso (albeit a little tight through the chest and long for a dwarf). It grants a +3 bonus to armor class .

Padded -25% -5% -5% -15% -15%

The Armor of Coolness may be worn without any discomfort due to heat, and enables its wearer to operate in the hottest of natural environments (up to 150° F). Note that the temperatures must be due to natural conditions and not to any attack by fire, magic, or monstrous abilities—the armor does not give fire resistance. The armor itself is completely immune to all heat and fire-based attacks, and the wearer need never worry about the armor catching fire (a significant risk with normal padded armor).

In addition to it’s protective benefits, something about the armor just looks cool. It grants a +1 bonus on NPC reactions against low-level rogues, prepubescent boys, teenagers, or other characters that might be influenced by such things. If the wearer is an actual Hero, he gains a +5% bonus to his Fame and is able to recruit 1 more assistant than he normally would.

Bo's Armor of Coolness

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