Belt of Fallen Heroes


This black leather belt has a large silver buckle shaped like three humanoid skulls. The Belt of Fallen Heroes was presented to The Outliers by the ghost of Mendor the Librarian for their efforts to preserve the library and its collection. It radiates a strong aura of Law and a strong aura of Necromantic magic.

Once per day, the wearer can summon one of three spirits dwelling within the belt. The spirit has stats as a Watchghost, and will serve the wearer to the best of its abilities for 1 turn or until destroyed. Injured spirits are not healed between summonings. If a spirit is destroyed, its skull disappears from the belt. If all three skulls disappear, the belt becomes non-magical.

When no spirit is out and active, they attempt to guide the belt’s wearer to victory via empathic warnings and vague telepathic advice, granting the wearer a +1 bonus on all saving throws.

Belt of Fallen Heroes

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