This black-bladed, almost sinister looking broadsword is a powerful tool for good.

weapon (melee)

Blackflame is a heavy, double-edged broadsword with a blade of char-blackened iron and a slightly upturned crossguard. A faint smell of burned flesh seems to cling to the blade and no amount of cleaning, polishing, or sharpening can remove its carbon-black patina. If an undead creature approaches within 10 feet while Blackflame is held in hand, the blade becomes enveloped with an aura of black flames (hence its name). These flames are cold, producing no heat. They cannot start fires and cause no additional damage to fire-vulnerable targets.

Black Flame functions as a +1 broadsword, but does not have a basket hilt. Against undead, it functions as a +4 weapon.

Blackflame was discovered by Hazel Whitescar in the lair of the White Dragon Peddrenth Cleartalon in the Galena Mountains. The reckless young woman stumbled into the lair by mistake and came face-to-face with the great, white wyrm. She nearly lost an eye to a single sweep of the dragon’s claw, and practically tripped over the black-bladed sword in her attempt to escape the thing. She has no idea how she made it out of the lair alive. Both the dragon and the girl bear a seething resentment—Hazel for the scar the beast left on her face, and Peddreth for her minor act of theft from his great hoard. It is inevitable that the two shall meet again.


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