Boots of Elvenkind

A pair of nondescript, standard-issue, elf shoes.


These boots are fairly typical examples of those commonly made by the elves. They are soft, green leather with a high, pointed heel, curled toes, and a rolled top, with small brass bells on the toes and top. Like all elven shoes, the bells on these boots only ring when the wearer desires them to. In fact, the boots make no sound at all, regardless of the surface the wearer is moving across.

These soft boots enable the wearer to move without sound of footfall in virtually any surroundings. Thus the wearer can walk across a patch of dry leaves or over a creaky wooden floor and make only a whisper of noise—95% chance of silence in the worst of conditions, 100% in the best.

The sharply-pointed toes are monstrously uncomfortable to anyone whose feet have not been deformed by centuries of such podiatric abuse. Thus these boots are basically only usable by pure-blood Elves. Any non-elf wearing Boots of Elvenkind, reduces his base speed by 1 for every hour spent wearing the boots. This reduction recovers at the rate of 1 point per 24 hours of rest spent with one’s feet comfortably elevated. A character whose speed is reduced to 0 from such abuse must succeed on a System Shock roll or be permanently crippled.

Boots of Elvenkind

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