Bottled Tiger


A Bottled Tiger appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a living, infant feline trapped in a clear glass flask. These adorable curiosities are found in shops throughout the Planes and are popular decorations in the homes of nobles and fiends alike. It radiates a strong aura of both illusion and conjuration magics.

More than merely a cute curio, a Bottled Tiger is actually a powerful weapon, often used as a trap against unsuspecting foes. Bound within the flask is an actual Ebon Tiger from the Ethereal Plane, trapped in its semi-corporeal state and glamoured to appear appealing. If the flask is broken or unstoppered, the Ebon Tiger will immediately be released and will relentlessly attack the nearest creature, automatically gaining surprise against its victim.

Once the Ebon Tiger has slain its victim, it attempts to escape, but may continue to attack if cornered.

Bottled Tiger

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