Bracers of Defense

Two copper bands, one on each wrist, each about as wide as your thumb, and inscribed with a twining ivy pattern, both of which give off a surprisingly strong aura of abjurative magic


These items appear to be bracelets or similar decorative items. Their magic bestows an effective Armor Class equal to someone wearing armor. If armor is actually worn, the bracers have no additional effect, but they do work in conjunction with shields and other magical items of protection. Unlike physical armor, the armor class bonus provided by these bracers does stack with any natural armor the wearer may possess by virtue of their race.

The Armor Class the bracers of defense bestow is determined by making a percentile roll and consulting the table below:

D100 Roll Armor Class
01-05 +2
06-15 +3
16-35 +4
36-50 +5
51-70 +6
71-85 +7
86-00 +8

Bracers of Defense

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