weapon (melee)

This ancient-looking battle axe has a head of bronze, of plain utilitarian construction, though the patina that has formed over time gives the impression of a leering, devilish face. It resists all attempts to polish it. The handle looks newer than the head — a plain shaft of ash with snake skin wrappings on the grip. Three lines of text, in the Jogishk tongue, are faintly etched along the shaft:

Brunnandu hundur.
Prýstungur vundur.
Pramhjá vugg.

The last owner of the axe simply called it Brunnandu, after the first of the six words inscribed on it.


The bronze battle axe detects as magical. In combat it functions as a +2 magical battle axe. In addition, anyone reading the words inscribed on the haft out loud can trigger one of three spell effects: Burning Hands, Gust of Wind, or Passwall. Each spell takes effect as if cast by a 9th-level wizard, and each may be used up to three times per day. A spell effect may not be activated in the same round that the axe is used to attack.


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