Burning Arbalest

weapon (ranged)

This portable seige crossbow is clearly the work of a master craftsman, with a stock of dark cherry-wood, ornate scrollwork along the sideplates and the lath, and a well-constructed winch. The stock always feels mildly warm when held, and the lath glows red-hot when drawn. The Burning Arbalest radiates a strong aura of Evocation magic.

In combat the Burning Arbalest functions as a standard Heavy Crossbow. Any bolt fired from the bow is heated to red-hot as it is released — this does not change the base damage of the weapon, but may cause increased damage against creatures particularly susceptible to fire and heat-based attacks.

On a Critical Hit, however, the bows true power is revealed. On a Critical Hit, a bolt fired from the Burning Arbalest explodes into fiery shrapnel inside its target, inflicting an additional +3d6 points of Fire damage (in addition to dealing double its base damage from the Critical Hit).

The stock and body of the Burning Arbalest is itself immune to both mundane and magical heat and fire-based attacks.

Weight: 14 lbs.

Burning Arbalest

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