Chiryn's Love Letter


Meant as a love-letter from the succubus Chiryn to the devil Ark’le-mens, this appears to be a length of bone, most likely taken from the forearm of a humanoid, that has been used as a sex toy. It is perpetually slightly-sticky, and has a mildly acidic smell. Etched into its length is a poem, written in the language of the Baatezu. Roughly translated it reads:

O do not rue the details of my past
or tarry on, if love thy heart intends.
Waste not my time, and our affair shall last
if thou dost curry favor with my friends.
Affection newly minted soon may fade,
but ne’er shall I be clove from friendship’s ties;
if thy affection’s bold, O! ‘tis display’d
in savory accord with those I prize.
So gingerly I have my viewpoint serv’d;
if thou hast muster’d th’ gallantry to stay,
I’ll pepper thee with kisses if deserv’d —
if thou dost gall, I’ll sagely walk away.
I’ve told thee what I want, what I’ve desir’d:
thou want’st a spicy lass, ‘tis what’s requir’d.

In the hands of a mortal, the “letter” functions as a Wand of Wonder. The command word is “From Chiryn, with love,” spoken in any language the holder of the letter knows. The “letter” holds fifty charges and cannot be recharged by any means short of bringing it back to Chiryn (which is likely to raise her ire if it is not accompanied by a reply from Ark’le-mens). Each time the “letter” is activated, roll 1d100 and consult the table below to determine the effects. The wielder must designate a target (by pointing the wand at them) before activating the wand.

d100 Effect
01 All creatures within 10 feet of the wand must make a save vs. wands or be instantly transported to Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. Creatures transported in this way retain their position and orientation relative to the wand when they arrive on the new plane. The wand is transported whether or not the wielder succeeds at his save.
02-03 Target is charmed by the wielder, as per the spell Charm Monster.
04-05 Target’s physical sex is changed (permanent).
06-07 All objects made of gold within 10 feet of the wand must save vs. disintegration or instantly liquefy. This liquid gold remains at room temperature. A Dispel Magic will restore the gold to its solid state, but not its original shape.
08-09 The target’s clothing or armor must save vs. disintegration or be transformed into a beautiful, embroidered silk wedding-gown, perfectly fitted to the target’s frame (2000gp value). Permanent.
10-11 A Flame Strike strikes the target.
12-13 The target’s hair turns into a writhing mass of snakes. The snakes will automatically bite anyone grappling with the target (save vs. poison or die). Dispel Magic will revert the target’s hair to normal.
14-15 The wielder possesses the target, as per the Magic Jar spell. The target’s life force is confined to the wand for the duration of the effect.
16-17 A Cone of Cold shoots from the wand’s end.
18-19 The target becomes as strong as a Frost Giant (Strength 21) for 2d6 turns.
20-21 The wielder is affected by an irritating rash (reducing his Dexterity to 3) for 1d4 rounds.
22-23 The target’s weapon must save vs. disintegration or be transformed into a (roll d4): Teddy Bear; Leg of Mutton; Ladle; Herring. Permanent.
24-25 The wielder uncontrollably spins for 1d4 rounds, during which he can take no actions. At the end he must make a Balance check at the start of each round for the next Turn, or fall prone.
26-27 The target and the wielder are both affected by Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter.
28-29 Suds flow from the ground in a 90-ft. radius around the wand for 1d4+1 rounds, filling the area to a depth of 1 foot per round.
30-31 The target is healed for 1d8 hit points.
32-33 The wand summons a demon that obeys the wielder for 6 rounds. Use the table from the Horn of Halitsu to determine the type of demon called.
34-35 Target is affected by a Flesh to Stone spell (or the reverse if the target is stone).
36-37 Target and wielder exchange positions in space (no save). Their equipment is not affected, such that the target and wielder will now be wearing/holding whatever their counterpart was.
38-39 Target must save vs. wands or begin to recite very bad sonnets, taking no other actions (though he can still move and defend himself), for 2d4 rounds.
40-41 A Delayed Blast Fireball takes effect from the point where the wand was activated, with a delay of 1d4 rounds.
42-43 Wielder is affected by a Fumble spell.
44-45 The wand pulsates and spews a slightly sticky, slick, semi-transparent white liquid in a cone 30-ft long and 6-ft. wide, affecting the area as a Grease spell.
46-47 The wind fires a Chromatic Orb at the target (color determined by the wielder’s level).
48-49 Target sprouts wings, gaining a fly speed of 15 © for 1d12 rounds.
50-51 Target is affected as if a Potion of Gaseous Form was imbibed.
52-53 Wielder reverts to the next lower age category for their species (Old becomes middle aged, Middle Aged becomes adult, Adult becomes a teenager, Teenager becomes a child, Child becomes an infant, infants cease to exist). Permanent.
54-55 The wand fires 1d4+2 cream pies at the target. These strike the target’s face with the accuracy of a magic missile, collectively blinding the target for 1 round, but deal no damage.
56-57 Each round, for the next five rounds, 2d4 silver pieces shoot from each of the wielder’s ears.
58-59 One hundred dead and putrid fish rain from the sky in a 30-ft. radius around the wand.
60-61 Target is affected by Otto’s Irresistable Dance for 3 rounds (no save).
62-63 Everything within 20 feet of the wand is affected by Dispel Magic (as if cast at the wielder’s level).
64-65 A miniature snowstorm appears over the target’s head for 6 rounds.
66-67 Target shrinks to 50% of its normal size, as per the Reduce spell (no save), for 6 turns.
68-69 A 12-inch thick Wall of Ice springs up at the mid-point between the wielder and the target. It lasts for 6 turns.
70-71 Target becomes noticeably more beautiful. Gain +1 to Appearance. Permanent.
72-73 Reverse Gravity (as the spell) centered on the wand. 6 round duration.
74-75 All water within 20 feet of the wand is transmuted to blood (no save).
76-77 The wielder is cursed with Rotten Luck for 1d4 rounds. All die rolls (regardless of the type of die, or situation), are automatically treated as if the wielder had rolled a 1. Remove Curse will end the effect.
78-79 Uncontrolled Weather (as the spell) affects a 2 mile radius centered on the wand for the next 1d4 hours.
80-81 A parade of 1d20 pairs of white-robed maidens throwing rice proceed from the end of the wand at a rate of 1 pair per round. Each maiden has 4 hit points and AC 10. They take no actions other than to walk forward at a rate of 10-feet per round and throw rice. Until the last maidens appear, the wand cannot be activated again and cannot be released from the wielder’s hand. The maidens disappear 1 turn after the last pair arrives.
82-83 A Lightning Bolt shoots from the end of the wand.
84-85 Beshaba’s Black Stag springs from the end of the wand and immediately charges the target. Treat this as a White Stag save that it is Chaotic Evil in alignment. It remains for 6 rounds and will attempt to kill whatever creature(s) are nearest to it.
86-87 A cage of heavy iron bars (10-ft. × 10-ft. × 10-ft.) surrounds the wielder. The cage is permanent until destroyed or dispelled.
88-89 The wielder becomes Invisible (as the spell), for 5 rounds. During this time the target is outlined with Faerie Fire. If the invisibility ends for any reason, the faerie fire does as well.
90-91 The wand transforms into a +1 magical version of the wielder’s favorite weapon, made of bone, until the next sunrise. During this time no other powers of the wand may be activated.
92-93 All of the wielder’s non-magical clothing, armor, weapons, and other equipment are immediately teleported back to the wielder’s home. The wielder may choose to save vs. wands for each item individually to negate the effect for that item.
94-95 The target and wielder must save vs. wands or be compelled to engage in sexual intercourse (with each other), as per the Suggestion spell.
96-97 Wielder’s physical sex is changed (permanent).
98-99 Wielder gently floats up into the air, at a rate of 10 feet per round for 1d4+2 rounds, then drops suddenly.
100 All creatures within 10 feet of the wand must make a save vs. wands or be instantly transported to the Blood Tor, the thirteenth layer of the Abyss. Creatures transported in this way retain their position and orientation relative to the wand when they arrive on the new plane. The wand is transported whether or not the wielder succeeds at his save.

Charges Remaining: 20 (MAX: 45)

Chiryn's Love Letter

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