Chiryn's Tent of Luxury

A gift from the Succubus Chiryn for service rendered.


This tent appears identical on the outside to a standard size adventurer’s tent. It is much larger inside, however, and opens into an extra-dimensional space. The tent pitches itself on command and can also be commanded (from inside only) to lock itself (as a wizard lock spell cast at 20th caster level).

The area within the tent is 120 feet square and contains food and accomodations for 10 humans and their mounts (horses or similarly sized creatures) for one day. It contains comfortable silken beds, a stable, a large water basin, trees bearing sufficient fruit to feed the inhabitants, magical light that dims on command, a window through which the viewer can see the area around the tent (as if watching from a position 10 feet above where the tent is pitched), and a “Back Door”.

The back door opens directly into the Blood Tor, Chiryn’s home layer in the Abyss, and allows those within to freely traverse from the plane on which the tent is pitched to the Abyss, and back. The back door is, luckily, very hard to find from the Abyss side (10% chance when actively searching), and there is only a 1% chance every three hours (not cumulative) that it will attract some Abyssal visitor. The back door cannot be locked. If the Tent of Luxury is damaged while occupied, however, all living creatures within it are immediately ejected through this back door into the Abyss.

The tent’s contents cannot be removed by any means. All supplies replenish themselves every 12 hours, but the tent must be folded up and then repitched for this to occur.

Chiryn's Tent of Luxury

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