Cloak of the Bat

A fine black cloak, with a scalloped hem and a hood with small, pointed ear-like protrusions.


Fashioned of dark brown or black cloth, a cloak of this type is not readily noticeable as unusual. It radiates both enchantment and alteration in equal proportions. The cloak blends in with its surroundings when the wearer is stationary within a shadowy or dark place, granting advantage on all Stealth checks (or a 90% chance to hide in shadows). The wearer is also able to hang upside down from the ceiling like a bat.

By holding the edges of the garment, a wearer is able to fly at a speed of 75 feet per round (MR 15, Maneuverability Class: B). If he desires, the wearer can actually polymorph himself into an ordinary bat and fly accordingly—all possessions worn or carried are part of the transformation. Flying, either with the cloak or as an ordinary bat, can be accomplished only in darkness (either under the night sky or in a lightless or near lightless environment underground). Either of the flying powers is usable for up to one hour at a time, but after a flight of any duration, the cloak does not bestow any flying power for a like period of time.

Cloak of the Bat

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