The Daemon's Wrench

weapon (melee)

This massive tool measures a full four-feet in length. It vaguely resembles a mace of some kind, with a long, I-shaped handle of rigid and ridged iron (and, strangely, the word ‘Ridged’ stamped into the shaft like a maker’s mark), and a flared head. The head comes in two distinct pieces: the lower (fused to the shaft) is flat like a hammer, this is joined by a threaded metal ring to a long hooked piece, which can can be lengthened or shortened by rotating the ring. If the ring is rotated down, the two pieces of the head come together quite tightly, allowing it to hold all manner of things either to serve as a lever, or to augment the weapon’s striking mass.

Though functional as a weapon, the thing is also very effective as a tool. If used as a lever to turn, twist, pivot, or dislodge something which the head has been clamped on to, it grants a +15% bonus to the user’s Feat of Strength check.

The device radiates a barely perceptible aura of magic. This magic seems almost residual and clearly too weak to enable the weapon to strike magical creatures.

Weapon Weight Size Type Speed Damage Damage vs. Large Hands Rate of Fire Range
Pipe-Wrench 6 lbs  B1  7 1d10  1d10  2 melee melee

1 By gripping a piton, iron spikes, saw blade, or similar item between the two pieces of the wrench’s striking head, the damage type can be changed to Piercing or Slashing, as appropriate.

The Daemon's Wrench

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