Dagger of Dislocation

An ornate dagger with a very short blade and a tassled handle.

weapon (melee)

This elaborately carved and lacquered dagger has a short blade, barely longer than the grip, a pair of brilliant red tassels attached to the pommel, and a braided golden cord connecting it to its equally ornate sheathe. It was found on a long-dead corpse in the shrine of the Maalthiir beneath Hillsfar.

When wielded in combat, the dagger gains no bonus on attack or damage rolls, and does not count as a magical weapon, it does, however hold a far greater power. Any victim hit by the dagger (even those that could not be harmed by it) must make a Charisma saving throw1 (DC 12) or be instantly teleported 1d100 miles in a random direction. The victim always appears standing on the nearest available solid surface (he cannot appear in mid-air or inside a solid object), but is not otherwise protected from any peril that may exist at the new location.

After the dagger has dislocated a victim in this way, it cannot do so again until 24 hours have passed.

1 In 2nd edition, the victim must make a save vs. spells with a +2 bonus.

Dagger of Dislocation

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