Ark'lemen's Special Brew


A pale ale, home brewed by the Cornugon Ark’lemens. The wise will not ask from what. It tastes like ashes and bitter wormwood, and burns all the way down.

A mortal drinking a full bottle will experience a pleasant buzz and permanently gains +1 to two randomly determined ability scores (roll 1d12 twice). A mortal drinking less than a full bottle will experience the worst hangover of their life.

Drinking a second, or subsequent, bottles (ever) requires a Death save, with a penalty equal to all the bottles consumed in the character’s lifetime. On a failed save, the character is slain irrevocably, their soul forfeited to Ark’lemens. On a successful save, the character gains an additional +1 to a single random ability score.

Ark'lemen's Special Brew

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