Drehaalk's Soul


A worn scrap of parchment, perhaps five inches long and two wide. The word “Sol” is scrawled clumsily across it, written in what appears to be blood. This token was given by the bugbear Drehaalk when he sold his immortal soul to the (very minor) devil, Halitsu. While it may not look like much, it represents a real and binding bargain, and anyone in possession of it owns the bugbears soul. The bearer of this token commands Drehaalk’s loyalty, such as it is.

In addition to the sentimental value, the paper serves as a real, physical manifestation of the bugbear’s soul, and has value as such — particularly in trade with extraplanar creatures of an evil nature.

As the physical representation of Drehaalk’s soul, destroying the paper affects Drehaalk as per a Finger of Death spell — killing him and immediately animating his corpse as a soul-less Ju-ju Zombie.

Drehaalk's Soul

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