Europium Blade

weapon (melee)

This vile glimmering sword is made from an impossible compound of lanthanide and rare earth metals. It burns with a toxic green flame continuously, so long as it is exposed to any oxygen, including that in water. Beneath the flames, the blade is made of an unusually soft, silvery-white metal; the the enchantments that allow it to avoid being consumed by reaction with the air also protect it from deformation by normal use as a weapon. It must be stored in a container of inert fluid to protect it from atmospheric oxygen and moisture, or else held in hand at all times; any other storage medium will be progressively destroyed by its sickly flames.

In combat, the Europium Blade functions as a shortsword. In addition to normal weapon damage, any successful hit exposes the target to the weapon’s vile flame, dealing an additional 1d4 points of fire damage and 1d4 points of psionic damage. On any critical hit, the target also catches on fire, burning for an additional 1d4 points of fire damage each round.

Any time the bearer rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll or saving throw while carrying the Europium Blade, they are themselves exposed to the flames, suffering 1d4 points of fire damage and 1d4 points of psionic damage.

Europium Blade

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