One of a pair of identical elven rapiers.

weapon (melee)

Fhang, along with its sister-blade, Rake, is a plain dueling rapier, exactly three feet in length with a cup hilt and the mark of House Silmerhelve etched into the base of the blade. The two identical swords were found carefully packed in a long, thin case of polished sandalwood, also marked with the device of House Silmerhelve and locked by a simple golden clasp.

The twin blades date from just after the fall of Myth Drannor, forged by one of the few noble houses to have survived destruction at the hands of the Army of Darkness. The swords represent some of the last feeble attempts by the survivors of the war to restore some of the ‘civilized niceties’ of urban life to the Elven Court.

While the two rapiers are identical in appearance, the powers of each are unique. Both swords count as magical weapons for determining what creatures can be struck by them. Fhang gives the wielder the power to puncture armor as if it did not exist. Attacks made with Fhang ignore all bonuses to AC from armor worn (but not from other sources such as Dexterity, shields, spells, magical items, or the natural toughness of some creature’s hides).

All damage dealt by one of these swords against someone wielding the sister blade is doubled, but can never result in a lethal blow. A character holding one of these blades can never be reduced to less than 1 hit point by a strike from its sister blade.


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