Fionn's Armor of Warmth


This suit of armor features a breastplate of overlapping, plates of hardened, boiled leather, held together wit bronze rivets, and the straps include heavy bronze medalions, worked in a celtic knot pattern. Short sleeves of affixed mail protect the shoulder and upper arm, and a skirt of leather reinforced with mail protects the groin and upper thighs. The entire suit is lined with soft, brown wolf’s fur, which spills out to form decorative fur pauldrons and gorget to keep wind off the neck.

Armor of warmth may be worn without any discomfort due to cold, and enables its wearer to operate in the coldest of natural environments (20° to -40° F) as well as in a temperate climate. Note that the temperatures must be due to the weather and not to any attack by cold, magic, or monstrous abilities; the armor does not give cold resistance. It does, however, give protection against the natural environments of the Paraelemental Plane of Ice or other supernaturally cold extraplanar environments.

Fionn’s armor of warmth functions as a Leather Cuirass, and grants an additional +3 magical enchancement bonus1 to the wearer’s armor class. In addition, the armor inherently disrupts magic. While its wearer enjoys a +3 bonus on saving throws vs. spells, he cannot cast any spells, either arcane or divine in origin, while wearing the armor, this includes spells cast from wands, staves, or scrolls, but not other magical devices.

Weight: 20 lbs.

1 Thus the armor grants a total +6 bonus to AC. If worn by a creature with natural armor, the magical bonus is considered separately from the bonus of the physical armor, and stacks 100% with the wearer’s natural armor.

Fionn's Armor of Warmth

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