Flying Scimitar of Tusmit

A heavily-curved sword with a strait bronzed handle.

weapon (melee)

Forged in preparation for a possible war against Ekbir, this heavily-curved sword with a strait bronzed handle was used only by the Pasha Tusmit of Calimshan’s most trusted war-ministers. The curve of the blade is so pronounced that the weight of the blade is focused far too close to the tip, making the balance extremely poor. However, the extreme curve of this scimitar allows it to be thrown with fairly smooth action.

When wielded in melee, the Flying Scimitar of Tusmit strikes as a +3 magical weapon for determining what creatures can be harmed by it, but gains no bonus on attack or damage rolls.

The sword can be thrown with the same range as a thrown dagger (short range 10 yards, long range 30 yards) and gains a +3 bonus on attacks and damage when used in this manner. When thrown, the scimitar spins like a razor-edged propeller. On a natural attack roll of 20, the blade will automatically sever one limb (roll 1d4: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg) of the target, as per the sever result of a critical hit.

It returns to the thrower’s hand the next round. Anyone else who attempts to catch the flying sword must make a saving throw vs. death magic or lose the limb with which they are attempting to grasp the sword. If the save fails, there is no effect on the weapon’s flight.

Flying Scimitar of Tusmit

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