A plain bronze spearhead with a single red dot painted on the tip.

weapon (melee)

Gáedearg (“Red Spot”) is an ancient weapon of Noga construction, though no markings of symbols make this obvious, as the story of the spear was etched on the shaft which is long-since destroyed. Gáedearg was gifted to the Nogian general Diarmud by the sea-goddess Umberlee, and it is said that the spear left no stroke nor blow unfinished at the first trial, and dealt wounds which could not be healed. The spear was carried by Diarmud in all matters. The spear never left the general’s hand, and was buried with Diarmud in the tombs in the Valley of Dekon Thar upon his death.

Gáedearg magnificently carved shaft has rotted away, leaving just a plain bronze spear tip with a single red dot painted on the tip. While no magic protected the shaft of the great spear, the weapon’s magic is still dependent on the story kept within the shaft and cannot be fully activated without it. In order to unleash the full powers of the spear, one must find a person learned in the legends of Diarmud and inscribe the full story of the general’s life on an poplar stave exactly 100 inches in length in Noga heiroglyphs, then attach the stave to the spearhead.

When wielded in combat, Gáedearg functions as a bronze dagger (if not attached to a shaft) or a bronze spear (if attached to a shaft). With a shaft attached, Gáedearg counts as a magical weapon for determining what creatures can be harmed with it. In neither case does Gáedearg grant any bonus on attack or damage rolls.

Even without the shaft, Gáedearg possesses a powerful enchantment, and a powerful curse. The red dot is said to have been painted on the spear’s tip by a Nymph, the personification of youth and beauty, with whom Diarmud once slept. When held by a male, the red spot on Gáedearg’s tip makes him irresistible to women. Any female of the same species as Gáedearg’s wielder who looks on him must make a Charisma save (DC 15) or become charmed by the wielder.

The target gains the charmed condition and will obey any requests of a sexual nature made by the wielder, but is not otherwise under the wielder’s command. The target is allowed a new save every 24 hours to break the effect. Should the wielder harm the target, the effect immediately ends. This effect activates automatically, without any action needed on the wielder’s part. Any number of women can be charmed in this way, though multiple charmed women in proximity to each other are likely to become jealous and violent.

One of the few remaining stories of Diarmud, tells of his father, a Warrior-Mystic of Nog. At a dinner party, feeling jealous because of the attention given to the son of a steward, Diarmud’s father killed the steward’s son when no one was looking. The King, Vinjarek, resurrected the steward’s son in the form of a boar, but the steward, upon learning the truth, put a curse upon Diarmuid: He was to be killed by the steward’s transformed son.

The curse placed on Diarmud extends to the bearer of Gáedearg. Any boar encountered by Gáedearg’s wielder (including giant boars, wereboars, and other boar-like monsters) will immediately attack the spear-bearer, to the exclusion of all else. The boar will fight to the death, gaining advantage on all attack rolls, saves, and checks so long as it can see Gáedearg’s wielder. Conversely, all boars and boar-like monsters gain Resistance against all blows from Gáedearg.

Should Gáedearg’s storied shaft be restored (as described above), the spear will gain the following additional abilities. First, after the first attack made against a specific opponent with Gáedearg, the spear gains a cumulative +1 bonus on all subsequent attack rolls (1 on the second, 2 on the third, and so on), to a maximum bonus of 20. This bonus lasts until such time as the spear is used to attack a new target or the target is killed.

Secondly, any wound dealt with Gáedearg cannot be healed by non-magical means. A creature wounded by Gáedearg cannot regain hitpoints by taking a long rest, by expending hit dice, nor by the natural regeneration ability possessed by some creatures. Only cure spells, magical items, and similar magical effects can restore hit points lost to a blow from Gáedearg.

None of Gáedearg’s powers will function in the hands of a female, but they are similarly unaffected by its curse.


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