weapon (melee)

A minor holy relic of the church of Mask, this night-black shortsword once belonged to the Saint Castellano Molitani, a infamous thief and false-facer (disguise artist) in the metropolis of Manshaka in Calimshan. According to legend, Saint Castellano and his twin brother, Saint Giacomo, amassed a sizable fortune, several hundreds of thousands of gold pieces, without ever once drawing their matching blades — for unnecessary violence is an affront to the god of subtlety, and the two brothers were never caught.

The legend goes on to say that the first time Galdo was drawn in anger, it was by the assassin who murdered the brothers in their sleep in order to steal their fortune, who used it to slit its owner’s throat. That assassin, apparently unimpressed with the sword, included this one in Mask’s cut when he made his next tithe to his own temple in Westgate. Galdo was then, many years later, gifted to a young priest by the name of R’len Aldarion. It’s twin blade, Calo, is supposedly still in the hands of the Night Mask who slew its original owner.

Galdo functions as a normal shortsword in combat, granting no bonuses to either attack or damage rolls. However, as long as the sword remains sheathed, it’s bearer gains a +1 bonus to both his Wisdom (Intuition and Willpower) and Dexterity (Aim and Balance) ability scores.


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