Giant's Blood Boots


These beautiful knee-high boots are made from the softest, high-quality red leather, with solid copper eyelets, buckles, and fixtures. The boot shaft reaches a height of 19 inches, but the sole will magically resize to fit any medium-sized humanoid. The soles have a slight, 1-inch lift to the heel and a minor platform at the ball of the foot. The boots lace up the front, with buckles at the calf for added comfort and security. Golden discs bearing the Jotun ‘Ayya’ glyph are mounted on the outer side of each boot.

These boots dramatically increases the wearer’s effective body-mass and density, but not his actual size. The wearer’s weight (not including the weight of his gear) triples, and he leaves substantially deeper tracks. He gains a +2 bonus to his Stamina and Fitness scores, but takes damage as a Large-sized creature.

As an action, a character wearing these boots can stomp on the ground to create a localized shockwave. All creatures of medium-size or smaller who are within 10 feet of the wearer who are in contact with the ground must make a Balance check or be knocked prone. A creature that rolls a Natural 20 on its Balance check also takes 1d4 damage from falling.

Giant's Blood Boots

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