Girdle of the Archangeli


This broad, thick leather belt bears a gold plate upon the front, with the Seal of Solomon and the Sigil of the Archangel Gabriel. It magically resizes to fit any wearer and radiates a strong aura of transmutation magic.

The Girdle of the Archangeli was taken from the body of Greshlyrr, the Kobold King, when he was slain by The Outliers. It is unknown how the kobold came by such an item, but given the Efreet who served him, he clearly had access to powers of an extraplanar origin.

Anyone wearing the Girdle of the Archangeli finds themselves suffused with strength and wisdom. The wearer gains a +2 bonus to their Muscle score1, for as long as the belt is worn, and a +2 bonus on all Non-weapon proficiency scores. These benefits stack with each other, such that the character gains a net +4 on Muscle-based non-weapon proficiencies.

Weight: 2 lbs.

1 As with other increases to a character’s Muscle score, increases above 18 will grant the wearer exceptional strength at 1 stage per increase. Thus 18 becomes 18/01, 18/01 becomes 18/51, and so on.

Girdle of the Archangeli

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