Glass Sword

Clear, translucent, or solid and smoky these swords of alchemical glass were once made in numbers to equip the legions of the ancients. They are preternaturally sharp, and on a solid strike are capable of easily bisecting even an armored enemy.

weapon (melee)

Many of these weapons, popularized in the ancient empire of Nog, still remain. 70% of these swords are long swords, 20% are broad swords, 5% are short swords, 4% are bastard swords, and 1% are two-handed swords. These weapons are treated as +1 magical weapons for determining what creatures can be hit, but gain no bonus to attack or damage rolls (though rumors of rarer versions with actual enhancements exist).

Glass weapons are supernaturally sharp. On a strike doing maximum damage the weapon will do an additional die of damage. This effect stacks, with every roll of maximum damage allowing an additional die.

Even this magically reinforced glass can still shatter. On an attack roll of 1, the weapon is instantly destroyed.
Both the wielder and the target must make a save vs. Paralyzation or take damage as if struck by the weapon (the exploding damage rule applies to this as well) from the flying shards of magically-hardened glass.

Glass Sword

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