Hag's Finger


Though not literally the finger of a Hag, these seven-inch long, twisted chunks of bone have taken on that name anyways. This particular finger is set with a two-inch long Aura-Quartz crystal, with bears a shimmering iridescence and metallic rainbow sheen in colors that defy nature.

Despite the presumed misnomer, the Hag’s Finger does bear a connection to the creature’s for which it is named, if not anatomically speaking. The bearer of a Hag’s Finger is immune to any spell cast by a hag (of any variety), and may participate in a covey as if he were a Hag himself (though this would require at least two allied Hags or two other Hag’s Fingers).

In addition, the crystal embedded into the Hag’s Finger bears its own magical properties, allowing the bearer to cast the spell Aura Fire (Wizards Spell Compendium, Volume 1, page 61) at the 8th level of ability. Each use of this ability drains 1 charge from the crystal, which may be recharged normally by anyone with the appropriate proficiencies. If the crystal is somehow removed from the Hag’s Finger, this ability remains with the crystal, so long as the crystal remains intact.

Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Charges Remaining: 43 (maximum 50)

Hag's Finger

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