Hat of Cyrus the Circumspect


This unique felted top hat was fashioned by the infamous wizard Cyrus the Circumspect to look like a tree trunk covered with ivy and moss. Both the hat and the verdant decorations are made of the finest sheep’s wool, dyed and felted for comfort.

This hat was meant to be the reclusive forest-mage’s crowning (pun intended) achievement, and in one way it was, granting the wearer exceptional powers of concealment. The Hat of Cyrus the Circumspect grants the wearer the Hiding non-weapon proficiency (or a +2 bonus on all Hiding checks if the wearer already possesses the skill) and allows the wearer to cast Tree on himself at will.

Unfortunately, the hat also instills the wearer with its creator’s paranoia as well. Anyone wearing the Hat of Cyrus the Circumspect suffers a -4 penalty on all saving throws to disbelieve Illusions, and on all saving throws against Fear effects.

Hat of Cyrus the Circumspect

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