Fauca Ríë

A bizarre helmet of red and blue metal with a lightning motiff.


This strange-looking and strangely named helmet was the creation of Melastasya and Kevorkian, made from the a Helm of Reading and one of the Crowns of the Maalthir, using a Forge of Repentance. The “Hat of Hoopdy” looks like an open-faced helm, of silver-blue metal with a chin-strap and crests looking like red lightning bolts. The hat radiates powerful magic and bears a distilled form of the powers of the artifacts from which it was made.

First, the wearer is able to read any writing, regardless of the language or the magical properties of the script. He can decipher any written text, including magical scrolls and tomes meant for other classes, and may freely use written magical items as if he were a 10th-level Bard.

Secondly, the hat absorbs all spells that are cast at the wearer or that include the wearer in their area of effect. This affects all spells, whether beneficial or harmful. Any such spell is completely absorbed, negating the spell as if it had been subject to a counterspell. Magical effects other than spells (such as those generated by magic items) are not absorbed by the helm. The absorbed spell is then stored in the helm, allowing the wearer to cast the spell at a later time. Spells cast from the helm are cast at 17th level of ability (for spells with variables based on the caster’s level), with a save DC of 18 and a spell attack bonus of +10. The helm can store only one spell at a time in this manner. If a new spell is absorbed before the old one is used, the old spell dissipates harmlessly and the new one becomes available to the wearer.

The helm appears thin and fragile, but is extremely malleable. It will bend, twist, and deform, but cannot be destroyed by physical attacks, and can be easily restored to its original shape with a long-rest worth of bending and hammering. Only acid, rusting, or disintegrating effects that are not generated from spells have any hope of destroying the Hat of Hoopdy.

Ash has rechristening the “Hat of Hoopdy” as “Fauca Ríë” which translates from Espruar as ‘thristy crown’ and is a shorthand for the more descriptive “Ríë vorima faucaan nolwë” (Translated: Crown of continual thirst for secret lore).

Fauca Ríë

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