Headdress of Corellon


A holy relic of the Elves of Evermeet, it is unknown how this headdress came to be in the possession of the succubus Chiryn. It must be presumed that she was unaware of the gaudy head-piece’s provenance, or it likely would have been destroyed.

The Headdress of Corellon is made of couatl feathers with sewn-on gold detailing, though the feathers of the piece have deteriorated over the centuries. It is 46 inches high and 69 inches across and has the form of concentric layers of different colored feathers arranged in a semicircle. The smallest is made from blue feathers with small plates of gold in the shapes of half moons. Behind this is a layer of roseate feathers, then small emerald-green feathers, then a layer of white-tipped red-brown feathers, with three bands of small gold plates, and finally two of 400 closely spaced emerald-green tail feathers, some more than 20 inches long. Leather straps attach the crown to the head of the wearer.

The Headdress of Corellon functions only for a good-aligned character of elven blood ( Elves or Half-elves). For anyone else, the headdress is simply a heavy and gaudy piece of costumery. Likewise, the item does not respond to any divinations (such as detect magic, detect good, or identify), unless the character performing the divination is of elven blood.

Created for the purpose of allowing any Elf (even those of insufficient wisdom) to participate in religious ceremonies, any good-aligned Elf or Half-elf wearing the headdress loses all of their existing Class, Kit, and Homeland benefits (including all weapon and non-weapon proficiencies) for as long as the headdress is in place. These abilities are replaced by those of a 1st-level Totem Sister of Corellon Larethian from Evermeet. The character is effectively re-built, gaining new class abilities and choosing new proficiencies. The character’s hit points and ability scores are not changed.

Any experience gained while wearing the headdress is applied to the assumed role only. The wearer restarts at 0 experience in the new class, but may raise his effective level through experience and retains that level any time he or she dons the headdress. The character does not need to train to gain levels granted by the headdress, the headdress automatically “levels up” as appropriate to its experience each time it is removed and donned again. Any spells granted by the headdress are renewed each day at dawn, without the need to sleep in the heavy decoration.

When the headdress is removed, the character resumes their previous Class abilities and proficiencies.


The headdress was destroyed, along with its owner Sasha Ethhald, when the latter was fused into an extra-dimensional stone floor.

Headdress of Corellon

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