Heavy Blades

Two-handed swords of incredible weight and power.

weapon (melee)

These eight blades were created for the personal guards of “The Boss”, the ruler of Valjevo Castle in the ruins of Old Phlan. These highly-disciplined guards were tasked with guarding the Pool of Radiance and with the personal safety of “The Boss” when he was present there. The swords are massive pieces, their blades a full five feet in length, with two-handed grips and wide quillions. The most remarkable feature of the weapons though, is their weight. Each blade weighs nearly a hundred pounds, far more than their dimensions would imply, making them practically impossible for any normal human to wield.

A heavy blade can only be wielded by a creature with a Strength score of 20 or greater, any being of lesser strength cannot accomplish even the most simple swing of a heavy blade. When wielded by someone of appropriate strength, a heavy blade is treated as a Greatsword, but deals a base damage of 3d8 (rather than 2d6). The swords count as magical weapons for the purpose of determining what creatures can be harmed by them.

Heavy Blades

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