Heavy Burden

weapon (melee)

This beautiful hand-and-a-half sword was found lodged in the body of the cruel king Sanguifluus, where it held in the spirit of one of the three knights who tried, and failed, to slay him originally. The sword has a hilt and cross-guard of gold, with hooked quillons and a grip wrapped in fine red silk. The triangular pommel and flock are inlaid with rubies. The flamberged blade measure thirty-eight inches long, with a raised reverse-fuller plated with gold in a striated flame-like pattern. The pommel bears the inscription “I am a heavy burden, but anyone will take me from you,” from whence the sword takes its name.

Heavy Burden radiates a faint aura of Enchantment magic, but performs as a normal, non-magical Bastard Sword in most combat situations.

When drawn, Heavy Burden gives its bearer a subtle aura of authority and command, granting him a +2 bonus to his effective Leadership score so long as it is held in hand. So great is this aura that, if the wielder is able to attract followers or raise an army, he can call upon half-again as many men as he normally would.

However, Heavy Burden’s power lasts only so long as the sword is held. If the weapon is sheathed, dropped, or otherwise relinquished (even in sleep), the enhanced Leadership is lost. If the blade is relinquished while in combat, all NPC allies must make an immediate Morale check (taking into account the wielder’s reduced Loyalty bonus). In addition, any bonus followers or soldiers attracted by the powers of the blade immediately desert the wielder, and will not return of their own accord, even if the blade is lifted again. The wielder must repeat the normal process of gathering followers or raising an army to replenish the numbers lost in this manner.

Weight: 10 lbs.

Heavy Burden

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