Hektor's Halberd

weapon (melee)

This halberd was made by the dwarves of Clan Griff for Hektor, a firbolg who was adopted into their clan, when it became clear that the traditional weapons of their clan were too short of shaft for their gigantic “brother” to wield. Like all items manufactured by Clan Griff, the halberd’s head and the reinforcements of the shaft are made of a lead-alloy, rather than steel, making it very heavy, but also oddly well counter-balanced.

In the hands of a trained user, the Hektor’s Halberd has a speed factor of only 5, making it as fast as any sword, which, coupled with its natural reach, makes it a superb weapon. It otherwise functions as a normal halberd.

A mild enchantment laid over the weapon by the Rune-Priests of Clan Griff, in combination with the halberd’s lead construction shields the bearer somewhat against hostile magic, granting the bearer a +2 bonus on saves vs. Spells.

Weight: 22 lbs.

Hektor's Halberd

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