Horn of Halitsu

musical instrument

This grisly instrument appears to be a trumpet made from a human femur, bound in copper. It was found on the body of Halitsu a minor devil dwelling in Avernus, the first layer of hell. The “horn” is a form of kangling, a ritual instrument used by certain priests and monastics in the material plane. In traditional practice, the player, motivated by compassion, plays the kangling as a gesture of fearlessness, to summon hungry spirits and demons so that she or he may satisfy their hunger and thereby relieve their sufferings. It is this summoning ability that made it particularly desirable to the fiend, Halitsu.

Each time the Horn of Halitsu is played, it has a chance of summoning a fiend. This happens even if the player is unaware of the kangling’s powers. The chance of summoning should be rolled each round that the instrument is played with the following modifiers:

Modifier % Chance of Summoning
Base chance = User’s Charisma score
User has Musical Instrument (horns)
or Musical Instrument (flutes) proficiency
User is a Bard or Monk +10%
User is a Tiefling +5%
User is a Baatezu, Tanar’ri, or Yugoloth +30%
Each round after the 1st that the kangling is played +2% (cumulative)

On a successful roll, one random fiend appears. Roll 2d6 on the table below to determine the type of fiend summoned. If the user continues to play the kangling, another fiend appears each round thereafter (no further “chance to summon” rolls need to be made). These fiends are not under the user’s control, but neither are they immediately hostile to the summoner. A normal NPC reaction check should be rolled on the “Indifferent” column to determine the fiend’s reaction, and the creatures may be bargained with (with the normal risks associated with bargaining with fiends). Summoned fiends disappear 1 Turn (10 rounds) after the user stops playing.

2d6 Roll User is Lawful User is Chaotic User is Neutral
2 Greed Abishai Succubus Hydroloth
3 Black Abishai Kakkuu Marraenoloth
4 Osyluth Uridrezu Carcene
5 Hamtula Maurezhi Varath
6 Nupperibo Dretch Gautiere
7 Lemure Manes Vargouille
8 Spinagon Rutterkin Least Guardian Yugoloth
9 Kocrachon Armanite Lesser Guardian Yugoloth
10 Barbazu Alu-Fiend or Cambion Canoloth
11 Erinyes Bar-Lgura Greater Guardian Yugoloth
12 Red Abishai Bulezau Dergoloth

In addition to the possibility of summoning fiends, the powerful kangling also saps the life-force of anyone playing it. A person playing the Horn of Halitsu loses 1 hit point each round that he plays the instrument.


The horn was destroyed, along with its wielder Sasha Ethhald, when the latter was fused into an extra-dimensional stone floor.

Horn of Halitsu

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