Jacobin Rose


This small plant bears a single, gorgeous, red rose that seems never to wither, nor change with the seasons.

A Jacobin Rose’s petals bloom or tighten as the nation that the rose rests in thrives or declines. If moved from polity to polity, the rose will shift from flower to bud and back in response to the politics of its present location.

If the bloom is crushed, the juice that flows from this will produce a single dose of poison (which may be administered either by ingestion or intravenously) which is lethal to the ruler of the present nation, but no one else. This destroys the rose. If administered, the ruler must save vs. poison at a -2 penalty, or die instantly.

If a single petal is plucked and eaten, the imbibers blood becomes a dangerous poison to anyone of higher social status than himself, and remains so for 24 hours. This poison may be administered by contact or ingestion. Any such character coming in contact with the imbiber’s blood must save vs. poison or suffer an amount of damage equal to the difference between the imbiber’s current and maximum hit points (or half that on a successful save).

Petals Remaining: 20

Jacobin Rose

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