Dîal Ewn Dibita

weapon (melee)

Dîal Ewn Dibita is a simple hardwood club, the length of a man’s arm, with a striking head carved into the crude shape of a fox or wolf’s head.

Once owned by the barbarian Badrwn Cawldha, of the Glanfathan tribe of Thar, this club has ended the life of many an opponent. Badrwn was known to rush headlong into every battle, swinging the club over his head shouting “Dîal Ewn Dibita” – “Vengeance, Just and Merciless.” Even in victory, Badrwn was relentless, using the club to dispatch wounded or captive foes where they lay. In time, his battle cry came to be associated with the weapon itself, remembered long after Badrwn’s death.

In combat, Dîal Ewn Dibita functions as a normal club. Against foes that are Stunned or Prone, or when attacking from behind, Dîal Ewn Dibita flares with power, dealing double normal damage and striking as a +3 magic weapon (for determining what creatures can be harmed by it).

Weight: 4 lbs.

Dîal Ewn Dibita

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