Kērū́keion's Earring


A plain, brass stud earring, its fairly crude, irregular shape vaguely resembling a face with horns, or perhaps serpents growing from the top of its head, or perhaps a winged helmet. It does not radiate magic, nor does it bear any makers mark. It is, for all apparent purposes, a simple piece of peasant’s costume jewelry.

Kērū́keion’s Earring is in fact, a Psionic artifact of moderate power. It registers to attempts to detect psionics, and also creates an occasional mental pull on those who remain in its proximity for extended periods of time (a character with the earring in his possession has a 1 in 20 chance per hour of passively sensing its nature).

A character wearing Kērū́keion’s Earring gains the psychometabolic disciplines Absorb Disease and Lend Health as Wild Talents. He also gains 25 psionic power points with which to activate these abilities (if the character is already a Psionicist or a Wild Talent, these stack with any other PSPs he posseses).

Value: Negligible

Kērū́keion's Earring

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