Kots'na's Scales

A tunic or dress of leather, scale, and chainmail, with matching gloves.


Kots’na’s Scales is a thigh-length tunic or dress of chain and scale armor fixed to a black leather backing. It has a high neck and full-length leather sleeves, with mail protecting the shoulders and biceps. It comes with a set of metal-reinforced black-leather gloves, which affix to the sleeves by a pair of bracers, each with a raised, articulated metal dial on the wrist. The tunic is clearly fitted for a female humanoid, but will resize to fit females of any race or build (ad could probably fit an elf of either gender). This armor was taken from the Alu-fiend Kots’na Sikvdilis and was a gift from her aunt, a powerful succubus, made with the help of the Arcane.

Kots’na’s Scales is light and flexible, weighing only 15 pounds, but protects the wearer as well a normal suit of Scale Mail. The tunic can be worn alone, but gains additional properties when worn with the matching gloves and bracers (taking up the gauntlet item slot as well as serving as armor).

When the full suit is worn, Kots’na’s Scales absorbs all electrical attacks directed at the wearer, rendering her immune to lightning damage. For every 25 points of electrical damage blocked by the armor, the armor gains 1 charge. By turning the dials on the bracers the stored energy is channeled to the surface of the armor. Any successful strike against the wearer with an unarmed attack or a metal melee weapon, causes the attacker to suffer 1d8 points of electrical damage (no save) and consumes 1 charge. This retributive function can be deactivated by turning the dials back.

The armor can store a maximum of 10 charges at any one time. If an electrical attack would cause the armor to gain more than 10 charges, the armor immediately discharges and shorts out. Everyone within 20 feet of the wearer takes 6d6 points of lightning damage. They are allowed a save vs. breath weapon for half damage, but make the save with disadvantage if they are wearing metal armor. After the armor has discharged the stored energy, it ceases to function for 12 hours. During this time the wearer suffers normal damage from lightning attacks and the armor cannot gain new charges.

Kots'na's Scales

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