Light Blade of Durell

weapon (melee)

Found following a battle with pirates aboard Valkur’s Wake, this beautiful high-carbon steel blade features two thin fullers running along its length with intricate Gaelic knotwork engraved in each. Its hilt is covered in an ornate, heavy-duty wire basket guard, and its grip is made from ray skin.

The sword’s blade glows, constantly, as per the Continual Light spell, shedding pure white light as bright as full daylight in a 60-ft. radius. Creatures who suffer penalties in bright light suffer them when in the blade’s presence. If the sword is brought into an area of magical darkness, it’s radiance is temporarily negated so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect.

More interesting than it’s radiance is the way the sword seems to guide the hand of its wielder. Anyone holding the Light Blade of Durell functions as if they had spent 1 additional weapon proficiency in the Broad Sword. Thus a non-proficient wielder can use the sword as if they had weapon proficiency, a proficient wielder can use the sword as if they had weapon specialization, and a specialized wielder can use the sword as if they possessed weapon mastery (see Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery for details).

The sword otherwise functions in all ways as a normal broadsword, granting no magical bonuses to attack or damage rolls, and no additional ability to strike magical creatures. The basket hilt broad swords offer a +1 bonus to Parry maneuvers. In addition, punching attacks done with the basket hilt are treated like a metal gauntlet.

Light Blade of Durell

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