A plain-looking shortbow.

weapon (ranged)

This shortbow has a plain wooden stave and a corded cotton string, nothing about it seems remarkable on first glance, but it radiates a strong aura of transmutation and divination magic. It was purchased from the Magic and Curios Shop of Hillsfar (Laris, proprietor).

This bow functions as a normal shortbow in combat, but has a normal range of one-half mile (2640 feet) and a maximum range of 1 mile (5280 feet). When sighting along the bow, the user can see anything along a one mile strait line. This works as normal vision and is subject to lighting, obscurement, and obstruction, but is not limited by distance. If the user has darkvision or similar abilities, the increased distance applies to those as well (but only when sighting using the bow).

The bow grants no bonus on attack or damage rolls. The bow was sold with a quiver of twenty magic arrows. These arrows count as magic for determining what creatures can be struck or harmed by them, but grant no other bonuses.


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