Lore Ring

A ring carved from white coral in the shape of a kraken.


This ring is carved from an ancient piece of white and black coral into the shape of a kraken or similar tentacled monstrosity, with one long tentacle curling about to form the the actual ring. Given the ring’s shape and the strange otherworldly knowledge and psionic powers bestowed by it, rumors abound that the ring was not carved at all, but is instead the petrified remains of an infantile aboleth.

The Lore Ring will magically resize to fit any wearer that possesses the appropriate limbs or digits. If subject to spells, it radiates a very strong aura of divination magic, as well as a strong psionic aura.

The ring lore ring can perform any of the following functions.

  • Once per day, by commanding the ring to “Shine forth!”, the ring will cause all symbols, runes, glyphs, or similar magical writings within 10 feet to glow visibly, including those that are magically invisible or otherwise hidden.
  • Once per week, by touching the ring to a stone and commanding it to “Speak!” the ring can cast a stone tell spell.
  • Once per week, by meditating over the ring for a full hour, the wearer receives visions equivalent to a legend lore spell. If concentration is not maintained for the entire duration, all visions are lost and the user receives no information. The ring must be touched to an item, or a name of a person or place must be spoken over it when the meditation begins; otherwise, the visions are random, having no common focus or theme.
  • Once per week the lore ring can also endow the wearer with a power identical in effect to the psionic power Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions. This power is not infallible; there is only a 40% chance it will be effective. Even if the attempt fails, the ring cannot operate this way again for a week. The psychic power is activated silently, by will, and it requires the wearer’s complete concentration to work. If the wearer possesses psionic powers of his own, he may expend psionic power points at any time to activate Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions, as if he knew the power himself.

Lore Ring

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