Mace of Torth

A silver-headed, sharply-flanged mace.

weapon (melee)

This silver-headed, sharply-flanged mace was taken off the corpse of a black-skinned elf found lying on the field of battle outside of Kryptgarten Keep. The only key to its identification was the name “Torth” written on the grip in pencil.

While it could easily be contributed to blunt-force trauma, anyone struck by the Mace of Torth suffer from throbbing headaches and mild tinnitus. The mace functions as a normal silver mace, but deals an additional 1 point of psychic damage with each hit. In addition, the mild ringing in the ears that a blow from the mace leaves behind imposes a -2 penalty on any Constitution save to concentrate on a spell made by the victim for 1 minute.

Mace of Torth

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