Mata-Kura's Mask of the Rutterkin


This carved wooden mask depicts a naturalistic human-like head with a well carved the face and a strong masculine contour, pierced eyes,and mouth; and finished with a nearly complete full-facial moko (incised tattoo). The overall effect is dramatic and powerful.

The mask has a deep rich patina with red coloured accents. The reverse is hollowed and shaped as if it was made to be worn. However, it has been carved from a dense and heavy wood, which makes it impractical as a face mask.

Crafted by the Chultan Witch Doctor Mata-Kura, this mask allows the wearer to emulate the demons which Mata-Kura worshipped. Once per day, by speaking the name of the mask’s maker, the wearer may shapechange into a Rutterkin, one of the least of the Tanar’ri. Once activated, the transformation lasts for 1d4 turns, and may not be ended prematurely.

While transformed, the wearer’s statistics are completely replaced by those of the fiend — granting him the Rutterkin’s armor class, hit dice, THAC0, claw attacks, resistances, and even spell-like abilities. The wearer incapable of using any of his own class or kit abilities, racial abilities, or proficiencies; though he retains his own alignment and personality, and his own hit point total.

Unfortunately, not even the mask’s ability to impersonate a fiend was able to save Mata-Kura from a horrible (or not so horrible) death in the bed of the succubus Chiryn.


The Mask was destroyed, along with its owner Sasha Ethhald, when the latter was fused into an extra-dimensional stone floor.

Mata-Kura's Mask of the Rutterkin

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