Mide Acar's Spellbook

A large book, crudely-bound with wooden planks.


This book, has pages made from thin wood and a cover made from treebark, bound with dried vines and scribed in charcoal (with very bad handwriting). The faint smell of ash clings to the book. The book is organized as a formal spellbook, written in common, but makes heavy use of Kobold terms and idioms. It was found on the bed of the witchdoctor of the “Squatters in Onyx” kobold tribe. The inside front cover bears the inscription, Mide Açar’s accursed eye sees all and knows that you have stolen his book! You who read this shall perish! Mide Açar will kill you with fire!

The book contains numerous spells belonging to the Garden Path, Shining Path, Skulking Path, Path of Smoke, and Medusa’s Path. In addition, it contains a complete description of a new and unique path, titled “Mide Açar’s Charred Path”.

Mide Açar’s Charred Path

  • 1st: Affect Normal Fires, Log of Everburning1, Warp Wood
  • 2nd: Clues of Ash1, Protection from Plants, Smoke Shape
  • 3rd: Breath Smoke Ash & Dust, Create Smoke1, Wood Shape
  • 4th: Smoke Ghost1, Transmute Fire to Smoke
  • 5th: Flame Harvest1, Smoke Bridge1
  • 6th: Evaporate Fluid, Turn Wood1
  • 7th: Dehydrate1
  • 8th: Incendiary Cloud
  • 9th: Conflagration

1 Indicates a spell described in the Priest’s Spell Compendium. These spells are unique to this path and not otherwise available as wizard spells.

Mide Acar's Spellbook

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