My Clock Keeps Years

weapon (melee)

This beautiful hand-and-a-half sword was found lodged in the body of the cruel king Sanguifluus, where it held in the spirit of one of the three knights who tried, and failed, to slay him originally. The sword has a hilt and cross-guard of gold, with curled quillons inlaid with sapphires, and a ruby star in the pommel. The blade measure fourty inches long, with a distinct fuller decorated with gold-filigreed vines and stags. Amidst these decorations can be found the words “My clock keeps years, not minutes,” from whence the sword takes its name.

My Clock Keeps Years radiates a faint aura of Transmutation magic, and performs as a +1 magical Bastard Sword in most combat situations. When wielded against a plant or a plant-like creature (such as a Treant or Dryad) does the blades magic awakens. Against such creatures the blade deals double normal damage (thus the sword would deal 4d8 damage when wielded two-handed against a treant).

In addition, the wielder can communicate with any plant or plant-like creature as if by the spell Speak with Plants, by touching the subject with the blade. This communication works only while the blade of the sword is in direct contact with the plant, and does not extend to other plants in the area. There is no limit to how often this power may be invoked.

Weight: 10 lbs.

My Clock Keeps Years

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