Nogese Gas Mask


This strange headpiece consists of a rubber mask that covers the entire face, with brass fixtures. The eye-holes are covered with clear glass, which, miraculously, never fogs. A rubber hose extends off the mouth hole, which connects to a strange metal canister. The canister appears to be filled with tightly-packed, white, fibrous fabric. The top of the canister screws into the hose, while the bottom has several small holes punched in it.

This mask filters out all noxious elements from poisonous vapors. A creature wearing the mask takes no damage and suffers no penalties from poison gas of any kind, including those created magically (such as a stinking cloud or cloudkill spell).

In order to function, the mask requires a filter canister. Each canister has 20 charges. Each round that the wearer is exposed to a poisonous gas consumed 1 charge from the canister.

A total of six of these masks, and 120 filter canisters were found in a crate on the lowest level of the Nogese Deep Carbon Observatory beneath Phlan.

Weight: 2 lbs

Nogese Gas Mask

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